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Martin Bartels

Denver: 303-428-5884 Glenwood Springs: 970-947-8436

Resumé Senior Software Engineer with experience in all aspects of the software product life cycle. Skills include product planning and implementation, testing, trouble shooting and information development. Have done extensive work with multi-platform code and productivity tools. Enjoy working with people and assisting with group dynamics, mentoring, teamwork and team leadership. Over ten years experience at IBM, and nearly five years at StorageTek.

Languages Perl, HTML, Javascript, REXX, C, Pascal, Java, PL/X, FORTRAN, PL/I, BASIC, COBOL, JCL
Systems UNIX (including Linux, Solaris, AIX), PC-DOS, OS/2, Windows, VM, MVS, RSTS/E
Printing / Publishing Adobe Acrobat, MS-Word, Word Perfect, Star Office, LaTeX
IBM Advanced Function Printing: AFPDS, DCF, OGL, PMF, PPFA, PPDS, code pages, standards
Interpersonal Mentoring, dealing with customers, group dynamics, team membership / leadership
General Gathering requirements, anticipating problems, troubleshooting, customer relations

2002 - Present Lead Programmer / Analyst
Colorado Mountain College - District Office Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Leading a team of programmers in the conversion of college administration software from Poise to Colleague (by Datatel). This conversion is scheduled to take place over the course of more than a year.

To date, have completed Human Resources module code to print paychecks, advices, and accounts payable checks, and to correctly calculate PERA and 401k/403b benefits.

In the Student System, have completed code which will generate refund dates, census dates, and withdrawal dates, and pre-load them to the appropriate fields when defining a course section. This reduced data entry and date calculation errors, as previously this was done by hand and the date algorithms are complex.

Training included Datatel's Envision Basic training courses.
1997 - 2001 Senior Software Engineer
StorageTek Corporation Louisville, Colorado
Provided customer support (diagnostic and code) of ACSLS and HSC (UNIX and MVS based tape library control systems). Diagnosed and resolved customer problems, enhancing customer satisfaction with StorageTek.

Developed a Perl tool that decoded traces of the datastream between the library and the server. Prior to this all these were decoded by hand. This tool saved many people many hours, improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction (as problems can be dealt with more quickly).

Improved relations between groups which were antagonistic, making all groups more productive. Resulted in fewer escalated issues being sent back for rework, saving time and money, and improving customer satisfaction by having issues require less time being requeued.

Supported and enhanced a web-based Perl tool for problem management. This tool made viewing customer issues much quicker, saving time for all service personnel in the organization by making issue data easier and quicker to view.

Documented procedures for queue management and handling issues and interfaces with other departments to comply with ISO 9000 requirements. These were placed on the web for general access by team members. This was done as an added assignment at management's request, in a critical situation only several days before an ISO 9000 audit (which we passed successfully). Received a cash award for this activity.

At the customer's request, developed a Perl tool to resolve issues caused by errant client software. Implemented this tool to be much broader than the instigating problem, allowing use for other problems. Included with ACSLS in following release. Saves customer and field engineers time by enabling them to automate tasks easily.

Documented procedures for the development of code fixes for HSC. Resulted in fewer errors and less rework, which increased productivity. Received a cash award for this activity.

Training included Java and JavaScript.
1985 - 1997 Staff Software Engineer
IBM Boulder, Colorado
Developed (including planning, design, interface with supporting groups) PPFA and PMF - tools for creating and modifying printer resources.

Merged PPFA/MVS, PPFA/VM, and PPFA/VSE into a single source/object (PPFA/370). Ported this from MVS to AIX (UNIX) and to AS/400 while retaining common source code. These efforts reduced service times, by allowing the same code enhancement or fix to apply to all platforms, rather than requiring rewrite for each platform.

Rewrote the front end of PPFA to correctly determine the mainframe OS on which it was running. This required coordination efforts between system programmers in MVS, VM and VSE.

Advanced from team member to team lead while supporting PPFA.

Ported PMF (an APL application) from MVS to VM, as well as making functional enhancements. Supported customers.

Wrote a C language routine to upload files from the PC to VSE. This involved transforming raw data into input to a linkage editor (the VSE backend process, at that time, for uploads), preserving both content and format of the uploaded data.

Dealt with consistency problems between implementations of line spacing in PMF, PPFA and OGL.

Authored tools in REXX to create translation tables from code page listings (independent of the printer technology involved), as well as several tools in Pascal for the IBM Proprinter.

Assisted customers with problems involving multiple printing products (including DCF, PMF, PPFA, PSF and OGL), by helping them locate any failing components.

Coordinated efforts between myself, test, information development and service, and acted as a liaison between these groups.

1980 B.S., Computer Science / Psychology
Mount Union College Alliance, Ohio
GPA: 3.661 (Cum Laude), Major GPA: 3.933.
Double Majored in Computer Science (4.000) and Psychology (3.894).
Lab assistant, computer center supervisor, software librarian.

Volunteer Work
2000 - 2002 Communicator
American Red Cross - Mile High Chapter Denver, Colorado
Assist with communications among other Red Cross volunteers for terrorist acts (including dealing with stranded passengers on and after September 11, 2001), forest fires, etc...
1997 - 2002 Mentor
BARC Jr. Boulder, Colorado
Teach children radio theory and practice, and Morse code.