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Updated: 2001-01-24

Marty's Free RPG Page

First, John H. Kim's Free Role-Playing Games page. If you don't demand the absolute polish and hand-holding of a commercial RPG, you will have plenty here to keep you entertained for a very long time! ...and even if you do demand a great deal of polish, or some hand-holding, many of the entries on this website will still work for you. Even if you want a commercial system, they are there too! Go to his Encyclopedia of Role-Playing Games site to see the many commercial offerings.
Go ahead, give it a whirl!

Here are some Free RPGs (Role Playing Games) I've found interesting. Perhaps you will as well.
Document Link Pages Size Description
The Window RPG Wind0rpg.pdf   « 42 163k The Window, Links added ...
Children of Fire cof.pdf   «     Children of Fire
Children of Clay coc.pdf       Children of Clay
Gurps Lite gurpslit.pdf 32 345k Link to Steve Jackson Games...
Gurps Lite - 1999 gl199906.pdf 32 441k Gurps Lite - 1999
Gurps Lite - 1998 gl199805.pdf 32 737k Gurps Lite - 1998