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Updated: 2001-01-24

Marty's DragonRaid Information

Where there is some archival information below, the main information on DragonRaid is found elsewhere.

DragonRaid Net is the best place to start for DragonRaid materials. It has links to other great sites as well.

DragonRaid, 2nd Edition is the location for the second edition rules updates.
Hosted by Joe Revesz.

DragonRaid Resources has materials useful to both the adventure master and the player, including adventures, supplements, maps and WordRunes.
Hosted by Rich Sezov.

The DragonRaid Inn is a well written introduction to DragonRaid by Andrew Bartmess.

The DragonRaid Fan Page has materials, including CrossBlade - which helps bridge the gap between role-playing and real-life.
Hosted by David Staley.

The DragonRaid Web Sampler provides for a taste of the DragonRaid system.
Hosted by Glen Stewart.

LightRaider Net is the location for a DragonRaid newsletter.

Peter's DragonRaid Page has some great multi-media. Turn your speakers on!
Hosted by Peter Hardcastle.

Here are some DragonRaid (Version 1) resources. They are for archival purposes, to record where DragonRaid has been.

All are Adobe Acrobat files for download...
Document Link Pages Size Description
New Player Briefing Npb100.pdf 23 252k March 30th, 1999 Text
LightRaider Handbook Lrh100.pdf 132 896k March 30th, 1999 Text
RuleBook Rb100.pdf 50 537k March 30th, 1999 Text
Adventure Master Manual Amm100.pdf 187 697k March 30th, 1999 Text
Adventure Master Manual
(with NPB and RB)
Amm100x.pdf 241 767k March 30th, 1999 Text
Forms for DragonRaid Drforms.pdf 6 439k Forms (Character Sheets, etc...)
DragonRaid Introduction Letters Drlets.pdf 3 463k Introductory Overview Letters